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Bureaucratizing HOPE

Rules by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, intending to save HOPE, are actually killing the original intent, according to a few editorials.

These editorials fail to note another rule that penalized bright students.  If you take a college class while in high school, those hours count against the limit of 127 hours that HOPE will pay for…

Let’s focus people

Seems the pundits want to spend more time talking about the singular incidences of politically incorrect speech than the global incidences of poor education.

A Candy Cane incident has Mike Adams, and Neil Boortz burning such energy.

BTW, I bet none of these so-called conservative pundits have read Russell Kirk’s book “The Conservative Mind,” much less his treatise on “Academic Freedom“.  If they did, they wouldn’t be calling for political intervention on these matters.

Today, I predict the pundits will focus on the Florida Court decision striking down school vouchers

Tech training — A partnership

Columbia County Schools have partnered with the National Science Center, the local Manufacturing Alliance and the local Technical College to raise interest in tech careers.  Sounds like a strong partnership.

Where are the partnerships with local colleges?

More languages for K12

The bottom rung of the programming ladder by ZDNet’s Dana Blankenhorn — How would you get, say, a fairly bright 9th grader to put down their computer game and start climbing around inside it?

He also comments that he sees few pushing to integrate programming into High School curricula. I can point to one such proponent — Rich DeMillo, Dean of the Georgia Tech College of Computing. They are currently working with the Atlanta Public School System to ensure that their graduates do understand programming.

Tech devices used in class

Some teachers are adapting Nanos, other MP3 devices, and handhelds into their instructional toolkits.  Bravo.

That reminds me.  I saw a neat demo of technology on a blackberry that makes reading a “stream” — literally — up to 400 words per minute.  Imagine cramming for class reading using something like Vuit.

I wonder if we are teaching any of these emerging techs in our colleges of education?  In fact, I wonder what emerging techs are actually being employed here in Georgia?

We are losing our edge

Higher Education here used to be unrivalled… no longer.  And, we are losing access to global brainpower just as a true global economy revs up.