Let’s focus people

Seems the pundits want to spend more time talking about the singular incidences of politically incorrect speech than the global incidences of poor education.

A Candy Cane incident has Mike Adams, and Neil Boortz burning such energy.

BTW, I bet none of these so-called conservative pundits have read Russell Kirk’s book “The Conservative Mind,” much less his treatise on “Academic Freedom“.  If they did, they wouldn’t be calling for political intervention on these matters.

Today, I predict the pundits will focus on the Florida Court decision striking down school vouchers


5 responses to “Let’s focus people

  1. I would be interested in hearing thoughts on a school district that creates an environment where an elementary school principal is so concerned about violating her super’s directive that she infringes on her employees’ rights.

  2. No supervisor should create an environment where middle managers must choose between their employees and satisfying their upper management. Such an environment is definitely out of sync with what is necessary to allow employees the freedom to be productive.

    Bottom line: that situation is a case study for way too much management and not enough time spent educating.

  3. But, to be clear — my statement “let’s focus” was directed at the political pundits who want to spend more time worrying about the “politically correct” scenarios instead of focusing on creating an educated workforce.

  4. I totally agree with your thoughts–second post anyway….but I wouldn’t expect political pundits to create an educated work force. It’s not their focus…politics is their focus, as frustrating as that is at times.

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