Some Tech Policy Sausage making

A colleague of mine is pointing his direct reports to a web site, established the Commission for a New Georgia, which contains working papers, goals, and other statements in support of Governor Perdue’s vision for Georgia, its government and the education systems.

In particular, my colleague notes:

Go to the site below and at a minimum navigate to the task forces and read the abstract for each and at least the executive summary version  of the task force reports. Several of them have implications for the  System and OIIT.

Administrative Services, Procurement, Space Management, Capital  Construction, Public Finance Options, Telecommunications and  Technology and the State Health Benefits Plan all have implications  for EAS. The asset management thing and EAMS in particular come out of the Administrative Services Task Force.

In particular, the Implementation page has a great summary of action items, some already in progress that should be noted.

It’s a good start.  But, there is so much more, within the legislative process, that also impacts the jobs of technology specialists within the University System. 

For example, last week, the Emerging Technology Study Committee established by SR 298 met to review the Advisory Committee’s recommendations for fixing SB 120 to promote expansion of broadband services (especially VOIP) without fear of regulation by the PSC.

The Final Report, (PDF here), has a proposed draft of the new legislation.  I have also written notes found posted at my other blog.  These notes demonstrate the contention between CLECs and ILECs on this issue.  For further reading on how this debate has been formed, read the following


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